LGBTQ+ Affirming Therapy

LGBTQ Affirming services
Collaborate with me in honoring the past and validating your present experiences that make you, you. This affirming space supports you in finding your strengths and path to healing, with the goal of processing traumatic memories in a secure and attuned space with no judgment, guilt, or shame.

You may have arrived here if you...

  • Already tried to seek support for your identity from your community but felt rejected or shamed
  • Are looking for an affirming LGBTQ+ therapist of color
  • Are unsure how to navigate your multiple marginalized identities
  • Feel disconnected and isolated from your family as a result of who you are
  • Are not sure how to live a full life with your gender or sexuality

However you arrived here, I’m so glad you’re here.

I identify as a LGBTQ+ therapist of color, and I hope my LGBTQ+-affirming therapy services might help you.

“There is nothing wrong with us, what is wrong is a world that punishes us for not being normatively masculine or feminine.”

― Alok Vaid-Menon

LGBTQ Affirming services

You may be hiding for a long time now...

Are you struggling with coming out? Doubting your own self-worth, believing others’ judgements of you more than you believe in yourself? 

Maybe you’ve coped by not sharing your identities with your family and friends community while hiding aspects of your gender or sexuality from them. You may have external support for your gender and sexuality from LGBTQ+-affirming friends and community, but you feel the need to hide aspects of your social circles in other contexts. 

This constant stress in your life creates a dissonant sense of your identity.

…Or you may have coped by shutting down an entire portion of your identities for the sake of remaining connected to one community. Unfortunately, in the long run, this discretely fosters internalized judgment towards the parts of yourself that you have to hide.

If any of this sounds like you, you deserve a place where all aspects of who you are are welcomed and celebrated!


I’m a trauma therapist who identifies as LGBTQ+ therapist of color. I hope to get to know you and help you live a fulfilling life!

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