Hey there! I’m Angel (she/her). I'm a trauma therapist offering Brainspotting.

I’m most passionate about empowering folx who are marginalized by their traumatic experiences, social location, and systemic injustices. My therapeutic healing orientation is embedded in somatic and sensory-based trauma healing, person-centered, interpersonal neurobiology, Brainspotting, liberation psychology, and polyvagal theory.
I have a special heart for working with adults who have experienced sexual abuse, incest, intimate partner violence (domestic violence), violent crimes, racial trauma, intergenerational trauma, and developmental trauma. 
Further, having seen systemic abuse of LGBTQ+ folx firsthand, I am dedicated to serving BIPOC LGBTQ+ adults to navigate the intersectionality of various identities.
LGBTQ+ Trauma Therapist of color
How my passion developed

Having grown up in a small immigrant family with minimal social resources and the cultural virtue of “don’t’ cause any trouble”, I have seen firsthand the implications of systemic silencing of female identities, interpersonal violence, and developmental trauma.  The communal experiences of violence survivors ignited a desire in me to aid in healing trauma wounds. 

Further, I allowed myself to be curious and ask systemic questions about the oppressive ways people in positions of power continue to abuse vulnerable populations. 

I understand how difficult it is to have loved ones deny your reality your whole life. 

In retrospect, I gave myself permission to ask questions about my role in the world and empowered myself to seek further education and training. Now, I embrace the privilege of being trusted with the rawness of people’s suffering and pains. I am grateful to live a life of fulfillment.

My education journey began at the University of California, Irvine, where I earned my Bachelor’s in Public Health Sciences. 
Then I discovered my passion for mental health and wellness, and pursued my Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Palo Alto University. During my graduate studies, I delved into the didactics of trauma and crisis curriculum, where I concurrently sought out independent training in Brainspotting.  This impactful neuro-experiential and grounding intervention unexpectedly furthered my personal healing journey. 
Brainspotting Therapy with Angel Tang

How I live out my passion as a therapist

I deeply value the gift of connection. I find fulfillment in walking alongside others in their paths of pain and healing. Everyone’s journey to healing will be different.

I want survivors of abuse and crimes to feel heard and affirmed. I want you to know that your stories mattered, and what happened to you was not your fault. 

I want folx to know there is no shame in exploring all your identities, whether it is aspects of gender identity, affectional orientation, culture, race, class, or social identities.  

Remember that healing is a process!


How I help you in your journey

Humans are dynamic beings. 

My clients have shown me the universal necessity for secure connections with oneself and the world to heal from deeply rooted trauma and to cope with lived injustices. Every day I am filled with gratitude for leading a life dedicated to healing and transformation.

I’m eager to join you on your healing journey and attune to your needs and growth. Together, we can nurture a path toward sustained healing, liberation from trauma, and empowerment.

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Angel Tang, AMFT 137268 is supervised and employed
by Allison Arkfeld, LMFT 118095 at The Cove: Therapy & Coaching