Individual Therapy

Brainspotting Trauma Therapy with Angel Tang
Work one-on-one with me in a secure and attuned space to identify and break the negative patterns
that keep you feeling stuck, grow awareness, and embrace the development of healthy and positive relationships.

If you've been struggling with
anxious thoughts, life changes,
existential experiences,
or feeling like you're on "auto-pilot"
You've come to the right place...

My Therapeutic Approach

My treatment approach is holistic, whole-person, and attachment-focused. I use a compassion framework of neutral, attuned, and secure healing processes.

My healing orientation is rooted in person-centered, somatic experiencing, interpersonal neurobiology, and mindfulness practices. I will follow your lead by offering choices, asking for consent, and being curious about what’s informing your feelings states, thoughts, and behavior patterns.  

If you’re interested, I can also incorporate Critical Race Theory, Liberation Psychology,  anti-oppressive and decolonial mental health, and individual and social empowerment in my work with you. These varieties of therapeutic modalities help facilitate your capacity to experience authentic self-expression, healthy relationships with yourself and others, and overall life fulfillment.

Healing and transformation occur when we work collaboratively and invite curiousity. You can expect to feel grounded and increase awareness of your body, and learn about your nervous systems and learn ways to self-soothe that work for you

I am eager to join you on your healing journey and attune to your needs and growth.  


Call to schedule a 15 minutes phone consultation
1241 Carlsbad Village Drive
Suite 202
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Angel Tang, AMFT 137268 is supervised and employed
by Allison Arkfeld, LMFT 118095 at The Cove: Therapy & Coaching