From Self-Criticism to Self-Compassion


Integrative, Brain-Body Psychotherpy

Virtual throughout CA

In-person in Carlsbad CA

Angel Tang, AMFT 137268
a Brain and Body-Based Psychotherapist

Supervised and Employed by Allison Arkfeld, LMFT 118095
at The Cove: Therapy & Coaching

Brainspotting Trauma Therapy with Angel Tang
LGBTQ+ Trauma Therapist of color

Hi there! I'm Angel (she/her)

Hello over-achievers, over-thinkers, and lonely social butterlies,
You can experience healing, and you don’t have to just “get by.”
Here’s how you might be hurting…
  •  Minimizing your own hard work
  •  Feeling lonely despite being in a social setting
  •  Always scared that you might fail
  •  Needing someone else’s approval to feel “whole”, but this feeling doesn’t last
  •  Feeling lost in life, stuck, or an imposter
  •  Always protecting other’s needs, leaving you feeling empty
  •  Pushing aside your emotions and opinions for the sake of “keeping the peace”
  •  Assuming responsibilities as your own because “someone has to do it”
  •  Always the first to jump on a task
You have achieved a lot throughout your life, but the feeling of fulfillment has not arrived. You just feel exhausted and are on the brink of losing your motivation.


I see you.

You deserve to give yourself permission to show up as your authentic self. A place with no judgment from others, and begin to learn what confidence and self-compassion can look like. For you. 


Work one-on-one with me to identify the roots of low self-worth and negative beliefs, break the  patterns that keep you feeling stuck, grow awareness and connect with feelings of worthiness, and embrace healthy and positive relationships with yourself and others. This space will allow you to show up as your whole self. 

Brainspotting enhances traditional talk therapy by working with the mind and body’s innate ability to heal. By accessing and processing emotions and trauma memories from a bottom-up, deeper level, Brainspotting is a non-oppressive therapy modality that can help achieve sustained healing and resilience.

LGBTQ+ Affirming

Collaborate with me in honoring the past and validating your present experiences that make you, you. This affirming space supports you in finding your strengths and path to healing, with the goal of processing psychological traumas in a secure and attuned space with no judgment, guilt, or shame.

A secure, non-shaming, and non-judgemental place to process pains and heal – for survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence, incest, intimate partner violence, childhood neglect, psychological  abuse, human trafficking, and childhood sexual abuse. 
Also for those whose loved ones sustained abuse and violence.

Compassionate and empowering environment where you can honor and work through difficult racial experiences, be liberated from generational patterns, expand, and thrive. A dive into deep-rooted racial and intergenerational trauma, including interpersonal racism, microaggressions, internalized racism, and marginalization. 

Trauma Therapy
Rate: $130/50 min session
Superbills can be provided upon request
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I am accepting new clients! Available for virtual sessions for California residents, 
and in-person at The Cove’s office in Carlsbad, CA. 
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Carlsbad, CA 92008
Angel Tang, AMFT 137268 is supervised and employed
by Allison Arkfeld, LMFT 118095 at The Cove: Therapy & Coaching